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Bad weddings 2

Bad weddings 2 - read reviews before you watch it

An elderly couple living in a French province (beautiful landscapes) has four daughters and four sons in law. Every young man has different roots, culture, faith, skin colour etc. Even they are so different, one day they make the same decision - to quite France and start a new, better life elsewhere. Madame and Monsieur Verneuil do their best to keep the big family close. Do their best? Well, that is the question. 

We decided quite spontaneously to watch this film which is a sequel of a movie released 2014 (Bad wedding). We were in a mood for a comedy. But if we had read some reviews before, we would have decided otherwise. “Slapstick combined with uninspired flat jokes” and similar commentaries would have changed our mind or at least decrease our hope. And so we decided to watch this movie with some expectations. And we came out disappointed. C’est la vie. 


Summa summarum: 4/10

Director - Philippe de Chauveron
Writer - Guy Laurent, Philippe de Chauveron
Music - Marc Chouarain
Original title - Qu’est-ce qu’on a encore fait au bon Dieu? (2019)

Christian Clavier - Claude Verneuil
Chantal Lauby - Marie Verneuil
Ary Abittan - David Benichou
Medi Sadoun - Rachid Benassem
Frederic Chau - Chao Ling
Noom Diawara - Charles Koffi
Frederique Bel - Isabelle Benassem
Julia Piaton - Odile Benichou
Emilie Caen - Segolene Ling
Elodie Fontan - Laure Koffi

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