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Welcome to the Sticks

Welcome to the Sticks Dany Boon French comedy

The best laughter therapy ever. Philippe, a French public servant from the warm Southern part of France, is banished to the far and cold Northern one. His biggest dream to come back as soon as possible disappears however with every minute.

The movie, playing with local prejudices and using linguistic gags, is not something very exceptional. It makes you however laugh. And - to our minds - it is exceptional enough.

The French word Ch’ti is slang for people from Northern France. Dany Boon knows this region very well. He was born there 1966 as Daniel Faid Hamidou, son of an Algerian father and a French mother. 

There is one mystery connected to this movie - its results. Its budget was 14.4 million $ and the box office - 245.1 million $. It was the biggest one in French history. No wonder. 


Summa summarum: 9,5/10

Director - Dany Boon
Writer - Dany Boon, Alexandre Charlot
Music - Philippe Rombi
Original title - Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis (2008)

Dany Boon - Antoine Bailleul
Kad Merad - Philippe Abrams
Zoe Felix - Julie
Lorenzo Ausilia-Foret - Raphael Abrams

Welcome to the Sticks-trailer

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