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Late Bloomers in Switzerland

Four older women have an untypical business idea in the quiet and conservative Emmental region. That is the begin of the best Swiss comedy in recent years. When the enterprising seniors decide to convert a boring local corner shop into a chic lingerie store, their community is thrown into disarray. There are plenty of controversies and intrigues but the four ladies do not give up. 

 Wise comedy about and from Emmental

The 80-years-old Martha (played wonderful by Stephanie Glaser) and her team show in an amusing and wise way that it is never too late to pursue your own dreams. As “late bloomers” they learn to drive, to use Internet, to overcome all difficulties. And that with lots of humor and charme. 

Best Swiss film in recent years

This movie (Die Herbstzeitlosen – in German) had its premiere during the Film Festival in Locarno in August 2006 and got standing ovations. It was Switzerland’s submission to the 80th Academy Awards for the Best Foreign Language Film. It was not nominee but it took the 3rd place in the rank of the best Swiss film ever.




Director - Bettina Oberli
Writer - Bettina Oberli, Sabine Pochhammer
Music – Luc Zimmermann
Runtime – 1h 26 minutes
Genre – Comedy
Premiere - 2006


Stephanie Glaser – Martha Jost
Annemarie Düringer – Frieda Eggenschwyler
Hanspeter Müller-Drossaart  - Walter Jost


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